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Page history last edited by Svetlana Obenausova 9 years, 6 months ago


This is an example page to see what we can do with wiki.

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Adding a link


Our department website


PBworks manual - step-by-step instructions how to create a wiki




  • Adding a picture



The wedding of my daughter    



  • Adding documents 
  • Adding a Hot Potatoes exercise




  • Adding links to your other pages.


  • Adding a table.


Now you can write
 into the table
 whatever text
or you can add


My page from ICT 


Comments (3)

mmvcentro said

at 6:10 am on Feb 16, 2010

Hi Svetlana!

I loved your Test1 page! To try several things will get this wiki as far as you want.
As soon as you create more pages I suggest you to have fun editing the sidebar. The Front Page is useful to let people know about the wiki content, of course it's your choice.
Leaving a comment here may help you to see how Pbworks handles comments, I remember my joy when I received my first comment on a wiki.
All the best.
Maru del Campo

My alter ego said

at 2:46 pm on May 19, 2010

Adding comments is great. However, if you, as the editor of the wiki, do not want any comments, you can disable this function.

Pampelicha said

at 8:25 pm on May 20, 2010

I love working with wikis.

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